Creating experiences

You could create something that delivers an account balance to its account owner, something that helps visualize spendings, or something that helps people create perfect savings budgets. Or you could take on the problem in its entirety and combine all of those things to create something that is far greater than the sums of its parts.

In the first example you’re just giving people tools and leaving them with the challenge of figuring out how to make sense out of their economy. In the second you’ve got the potential of creating an experience that solves managing money without forcing someone into copying and pasting numbers into giant spreadsheets.

People with a specific interest in the subject will still want their tools, but people usually only have a few of those special interests. All the rest of the problems we’re facing every day are things we want to hassle as little as possible with in order to be able to focus on the things we really care about.

There’s enormous room for making great experiences out of all those problems people are faced with every day. Our world may be driven by increasingly complex problems, but that doesn’t mean we couldn’t solve those problems with wonderful experiences and at the same time allow ourselves to live simpler lives.